Glass Moon Mosaics
Mosaic art of Christina Knipstine


(posted on 10 Jul 2012)

July 10, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

I hope to use these entries to keep you current with my ongoing mosaic projects and possibly other artistic endeavors as well. These may include cooking. It’s my next favorite creative activity and one I usually do every day, but I promise I won’t bore you with my daily meals – only if something happens in my little kitchen that is noteworthy. For instance, last night we dined on a memorable Greek Moussaka. Wow, it was good – complete with the ricotta egg cream sauce and farmers’ market eggplant. Dan, my husband, twirled his fork. That’s usually the sign it is good food and now a sign that it is worthy to mention in the blog.

My current mosaic projects include rebuilding my jewelry inventory, as it was greatly depleted at the Arts Fair on The Square in June. What a nice art fair to participate in and to visit.

I’m also working on a few commissions. The largest is an icon that I am making for a friend. My friend offered some images to work from and then gave me artist license with the project. I plan to make this icon in the Byzantine style using the direct method. I will try to use as much gold smalti glass as I can!

I’ve drawn out the design and started laying the hair and halo. The challenge in this piece is getting the face right – to do justice to the iconic image and of course, to please my patron.

I will try to include photos of my progress.

No photos of the moussaka – besides, we’ve eaten most of it already.

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